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Progetto Proserpio

Flexible and Safeguarded Business Tools

The romanticized image of a genius doing work alone in the storage area with a innovative idea is woven in tech mythology, but the reality is that modern business requires orchestrated effort and cross-pollination around teams. Safeguarded collaboration tools enable clubs to do the job seamlessly, sometimes in distant or onsite environments, while protecting their mental property.

1 versatile and secure software is Yellowfin BI, which is a data discovery application that can be used to produce powerful business intelligence (bi) dashes. It offers various features, which include visualisation and machine learning, easy incorporation, and collaborative capabilities.

An additional versatile and secure business tool is usually Comodo Cybersecurity Suite, that provides endpoint protection from ransomware, spyware and, data removes and helps with root cause examination. It also provides easy scalability and enterprise preparedness, and provides trusted support by using a peer community, online discussion boards and Slack. It can be integrated with other cybersecurity tools for optimum security coverage.